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Speed Boats

You can now pre book your speed boat where we can visit isolated beaches for a day or have your own speed boat by your accommodation in Corfu. You just need you speed boat license. If you do not have one then you can rent the boats with the 25hp engine.

  • 15-25hp economical family boats. For slow trips along the coastline.

  • 60hp for people who wish to cruise leisurely around the cost.

  • 80hp speed boat for waterskiing or high speed fun.

  • 115hp ski boat for the more adventurous drivers and skiers.

Engine Price in Euros for a day Price in Euros for half a day
15hp 85 65
25hp 90 65
30hp 100 70
40hp (2stk) 110 80
40hp (4stk) 120 90
60hp 130 95
80hp 140 100
90hp 150 110
115hp 160 130
225hp 350 250




Full Instructions Given On Boat Driving




25 Hp Speed Boat

80 Hp Speed Boat

115 Hp Speed Boat


225 Hp Speed Boat

If you would to travel further to the mainland, Sayiada, Plataria, Sivota, Arrilas  or Paxos and Antipaxos then you can rent A 150hp inclusive the fuel and  the Skipper  for 650 Euros a day.

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