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Ionian Concerts

The Corfu Festival "Ionian concerts" is organized by the Department of Music of the Ionian University, the Municipality of Corfu , Bowling Green State University and the "Melos Brass" Enseble. is is a part of the 4th Summer Academy that includes music seminars and lectures on the broader field of artistic and music education.

The Ionian Concerts are a celebration, the culmination of a great musical interaction, namely the Summer Academy . This year again sees the meeting of famous musicians from Greece and the United States : this will be the fourth gathering in Corfu , with students from all over Europe , attending seminars, lectures and discussions, with, of course, much, much music. A unique connection between teacher and student, with, no doubt, a chemical reaction, a participation in a festival of art and culture. From June 17 till the end of July, the Ionian Concerts invite you to enjoy musical performances of the highest quality, held in settings of incomparable aesthetic and historic interest.


Ionian Academy
The main venue for the Festival performances is the auditorium of the University, housed in the historic Ionian Academy building that dates in its present form from 1725. In the beginning it was a military barracks, the Grimani Barracks, and after 1824 became the home of the Ionian Academy , which was the first Greek university. Following the closure of the University , the building housed the Public Library. On the 14 th September, 1943 , the Library was destroyed, burned down in a German bombing raid . It was rebuilt at the end of the 20 th century in order to meet various school and university needs.
The auditorium of the Ionian Academy , with its excellent acoustics , has been designed to accommodate the performances organised by the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University . It is fully air-conditioned and ergonomically designed so that each of the 350 members of the audience can follow performances in ideal conditions.

St. George ' s Church
A large basilica , in the style of an ancient Doric temple , it was built about 1840 and functioned as the official Anglican church during the time of the British Protectorate. Inside, the space is divided into three aisles by two series of iron columns, which also support a women's gallery, in the shape of a Greek Π .In 1864 the church was re-consecrated as a Greek Orthodox place of worship, and an iconostasis was added that originated from St. Spyridon's Church in the town of Corfu; there were a number of icons of great value, some of which were attributed to Tzannes, the great icon-painter.
For the last ten years , the church has been made available for cultural events of the highest quality .

The beautiful Palace of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria was built in 1890, in the neo-classic style. Statues representing the nine Muses, as well as statues of Shakespeare, Lord Byron and, of course, Achilles, dying or in triumph, are to be found here to remind us of the lonely Empress. The gardens, and their wonderful views, are outstanding. Following the assassination of Elisabeth in 1898, the estate remained deserted until 1907, when it was bought by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany , who lived there sporadically for a few years. Today the personal possessions and the decorative tastes of the old owners are preserved as a museum and open to the gaze and the photographic lenses of visitors. The cloister, with its evocative atmosphere, is frequently the setting for musical performances.

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