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Albania Excursions

Daily Cruises


Ferretti 68 with 4 double cabins, air-condition, speed 21 knots. Price including the captain, the hostess, the diesel and drinks at 3950 Euro per day.

Day Out Fishing

Greek Kaiki


Sailing Adventure

Sail away from it all on this exclusive sailing trip, along the calm waters of the Ionian.


Enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the Ionian Sea with a sailing yacht. An unforgettable relaxing, exhilarating and idyllic experience, which will satisfy the adventurous to the laid back. Snorkelling, diving, swimming, underwater photography not to mention standing on the bow of a boat powered only by the wind, the skipper sets the sails and you know already that this will be a day to remember.

 Together with 6 up to 12 persons (depends the size of yacht), there's never a crowd, and you are not jostling 100s other people on the boat and in the sea. It's your private yacht for the day with your own skipper.

Feel the sun and the sea breeze while you cruise round the Corfiot coast. Sail up to Serpa reef the closest point of Corfu with Albania. Smell the fresh salt air. Feel the wind as you glide over the surface of the turquoise waters of Corfu.

   Relax and enjoy a cold beverage, sunny weather with balmy breezes and an occasional "Maistro" (North West wind) that allows you to sail through the islands carefree. Stop for a swim, snorkel at two sheltered locations accessible only by boat and not frequented by the big Day sail boats. Try your luck and your hand all the way with a fishing line (available on all yachts) and we promise you that you can keep the fish or if we have time we can share it on board.


Usually the weather is very calm and most of the times we are going to cruise with the engine until the midday, where usually the wind comes and allow us to enjoy sailing.

Passenger involvement in the sailing is optional and at the Skipper's discretion according to conditions, but our aim is to provide you with the unique opportunity to introduce you into the world of Yachting. The skipper is happy to share the steering wheel and give you instructions while helping the others with the sails. Learn the basics about sailing, how the sails work, and about navigation without GPS.

Mooring and disembarking is done at leisure since many people find it difficult to drag themselves away after a day of pure relaxation.


65 Euros per person / Half Day/High season


Welcome aboard one of the Corfu Yachting Boats.

Venture ashore and explore our beautiful island with your newfound adventuring friends. Your sailing adventure will take you on an unforgettable cruise. Corfu Island offers such spectacular sites, as Vidos Island, the old fort, old Venetian town and north side of Corfu. This cruise is a leisurely sail in the calm Ionian waters.

Our guests can indulge themselves in a variety of activities. Swim, sunbathe, snorkel in crystal, clear waters and get a really great suntan. Full cold plates and soft drinks will be offered during the cruising day. You can taste Greek food in a traditional tavern at the north side of Corfu Island.


Adults: 100 EURO
Children: 65 EURO

Included in rates

        A full day sailing

        Cold plates

        Soft drinks

        Snorkel gear and fishing    gear.

The boat departs: 10:00 am
and returns 18:00 pm
Meeting Point: Marina Gouvia (vessel's berth at position A 90)



Kassiopi Harbor

MOTOR BOATS:  Liberally scattered off, Ionian Islands are perhaps in the most beautiful all over the world, and there is no better way to see them within a day  than by a motor boat.

A cruise by a motor boat gives you the opportunity to see, lots of Ionian Islands, such as: Paxos & Antipaxos, Diapontia Islands, Butrint(Albania).

 Paxos & Antipaxos: The 2 islands extend a distance of 9 miles from north to south.

These islands are rocky and craggy but lush in vegetation such as olive trees, and cypresses. They are picturesque with interesting architecture, providing nearly anything the visitor may need. The craggy west coast, which lacks harbors, is fascinating since it has many lonely caves one of which is large enough for a boat to squeeze into.

Diapontia Islands: This cluster of islands northwest of Corfu comprises three inhabited and two uninhabited islands and four islets. In Diapontia Islands each one of whose scenery is quite distinct, you can find many beautiful and lonely beaches for swim or just relaxing time.

Butrint: lies slightly inland from the eastern shore of the Straits of Corfu, to which it is connected by the Vivari Channel. The landscape around Butrint and Saranda offers a rare view of the past, with villas, churches and fortifications illustrating the long and rich history of settlement in the region. Over 1,500 years of history are revealed by the monuments in the archaeological park of Butrint.

Acropolis, the Theatre, the Baptistery, the Triconch Palace are among the monuments you should visit.

                      Sivota islands Bay


Albania Excursions


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